Our Medical products


Equipment and supplies needed for ICU/Highcare, including patient monitors, ventilators, and life-support systems.


RugeroMed we provide surgical instruments, equipment, and tools specifically designed for neurosurgical procedures.


RugeroMed we provide autoclaves, sterilization equipment, and other tools needed for the effective operation of the CSSD.

Plastic Surgery

RugeroMed we offer specialized equipment and supplies required for plastic surgery procedures, such as surgical instruments, implants, and post-operative care products.


Medical apparel includes scrubs, lab coats, surgical gowns, and other protective clothing designed to maintain a sterile environment and protect against contamination.


At RugeroMed We offer a range of surgical equipment and supplies needed for various types of surgeries, ensuring a sterile and efficient environment for surgical teams.

Hospital Design

RugeroMed we provide consulting services or equipment related to hospital design, which include furniture, layout planning, and ergonomic solutions to enhance the overall hospital environment.